• Branding | Graphic kit | Set Design
  • .
  • Year 2021
  • Client kan11 / Shula & Donna Productions / Paper Plane
  • Executive Producer Udi Morag
  • CG Artist and Compositing Avraham Eligal
  • 3D Artist Oren Leventar
  • Titles Animation Yoram Allouche
  • Music Mark Eliyahu
Brainstorming: Women, lost, big city, maze, Mossad, love, fear, heat, sweat. Inside an Islamic pendant alleys we wandered and heard the voices.
Found ourselves suddenly in Teheran.
Opening titles sequence for the new Apple TV+ hit series from Israel.

From the very beginning, the creators of the series had a vision to capture the essence of Tehran’s streets. Through careful planning, they could showcase the city’s warmth, liveliness, and unique identity, all while maintaining a sense of tension that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Their dedication to their craft is truly inspiring.

In our quest for a guiding idea for the opening, we stumbled upon a jewel, its surface inscribed with a powerful prayer. As we held it, we were transported to a hidden city, its streets beckoning us to explore. With the help of projections on the walls of the houses, we forged a unique identity and a mesmerizing prologue for the series itself.