Temp #01

  • Client kan11 / Donna Productions / Shula Spiegel Productions / Paper Plane
  • Productions Creative and design Udi Morag
  • Composite and design Avraham Eligal
  • CG artist Oren Leventar
  • Titles and animation Yoram Allouche
  • Music Mark Eliyahu

This reel celebrates the journey and the ‘work behind the work’ —the multitude of explorations, interactions and thousands of daily design decisions that give depth, richness and intention to the work we love.

We first screened this reel on the incredible AV system at OFFF last month. It was extra special to share this moment with so many of our colleagues, friends, and freelance collaborators, all of whom have been part of the journey so far and whose fingerprints are in this beautiful montage. A great reminder to us that the people we get to work with, our collective culture and diverse community is what makes the work worthwhile.